Pick of the Day: Denim doing Good!


On social media a few days ago Harpers Bazaar posted a link to a pair of paint splattered jeans- and I instantly fell in love! I’ll admit that the jeans may not be to everyone’s taste, but I absolutely love the hand painted paint splashes (I’m not letting go of the ‘Art Attack’ trend without a fight..), not to mention that proceeds from the sales go towards The Rialto Jean Project (you guys know I love a charitable fashion collaboration). The project has adopted the platform of ‘Denim Doing Good’, and sales go towards art therapy at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, aiming to help children grow in confidence and develop new skills despite their illness.

The collection includes many styles, colours and fits, whether you want bold, artistic splashes, a simple pop of colour, boyfriend jeans or skinnies, and the best part is that they are actually way more wearable than you’d first think! I personally they could easily transition from day to night- by day wear with an oversized crop and slip on skater shoes ( Topshop have some great options), and by night, simply swap the casual slip ons for a pair of high strappy sandals! Perfect!

Monday Musings: The Big Issue

How many of us have walked quickly, trying to avoid making eye contact with a Big Issue seller? I’m sure we’re all guilty of it, I know I am! Every now and then I’ll look up and politely decline, it must be so hard being ignored by passers by when you’re desperately trying to make a living..

I hadn’t thought too deeply about this until I read an article in the Metro last week when I was travelling to work. You see, these people selling The Big Issue aren’t ‘scroungers’ ( I read that sellers often get verbally abused for this) they’re actually trying to make a living. Yes they’ve lived tough lives and most of them have been homeless (I’m not sure on the ins and outs of each seller, I know I don’t know them personally and I am aware that some of them may have committed crimes etc in the past), but I thought at least they are trying to help themselves!

You may know this already, but each seller pays £1.25 per magazine (which I presume means that if they don’t sell, they lose money) and they then sell it on to the public for £2.50- which I think is a lot to do with the lack of interest by the public. However, after reading the article I felt a pang of guilt, I know I don’t owe them anything, and some might go as far as saying they got themselves in that situation in the first place, but surely sparing £2.50 to somebody less fortunate can’t be that difficult?

This struck a chord with me, which is why I stopped and bought one from the first seller I came across- and he was so grateful-it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

I’m not suggesting we all have to buy from them every Tuesday, but every now and again is a good place to start!

You can read more about the Big Issue and their work to help the homeless here!

Motivational Messages

Now, I’m all for the funny and quirky slogans emblazoned across tees and sweatshirts, but recently I’ve been loving the more motivational, thought provoking messages, too. Not only are they a little more sophisticated than the usual phrases we’re seeing (although I love these, as well) but I love how versatile they are dressed up or dressed more casually.

Here are a few of my faves 🙂

I’ve recently discovered the streetwear brand ‘Acrylick’– literally all of their items have a motivational meaning or slogan and I love that! My favourite is ‘Only dead fish swim with the current’- okay it is for men (they have a women’s collection, too) but in a small size I think this would look great on us girls too!
WOMEN i am OTHER Graphic Short Sleeve T-Shirt
I LOVE the message here- it comes from Pharrell Williams’ collab with Uniqlo ‘i am OTHER‘, where he encourages innovation amongst today’s youth!
Okay, we all know I love to talk about Kenzo– here they are promoting the protection of the world’s ocean in a collab with The Blue Marine Foundation! Such a great way to influence their young fashion following!

Under the Sea with Kenzo & The Blue Marine Foundation

Living in a profit driven society means it is refreshing to find brand names who, not only donate to charity, but help raise awareness of certain issues. Fashion is an especially powerful tool when influential fashion houses use their creativity and unique designs to create collections that speak volumes about the issues in society. The most recent collaboration that we have seen across the SS14 catwalks is between Kenzo and The Blue Marine Foundation, a charity who aim to create sustainable fishing, marine reserves and therefore protect 10 per cent of the world’s oceans by 2020. Kenzo’s Carol Lim and Humberto Leon have said they are ‘extremely excited about this long-term partnership’ and, although they reviewed many different charities they would like to work with, they believe working with The Blue Marine Foundation was a ‘perfect match’. As you may have seen on their SS14 catwalk show and campaign there were major hints towards the ocean and sustainability of sea life with strong messages such as ‘No Fish, No Nothing’ and water inspired prints across their collection. It may not seem hugely influential, but just think, Kenzo have a huge fashion following and the impact they can have upon the minds of the youth of today is of huge importance.