Chanel’s “Couture Sneakers” – The Novelty Karl Lagerfeld Prepared for You Comes In September

Already seeing these as a street style staple!

A Stairway To Fashion Karl Lagerfeld’s sneakers for Chanel

In September, Karl Lagerfeld‘s sneakers will become a reality in the stores all over the world. Coming from the Spring/Summer 2014 collection, Lagerfeld, with its humour, power and creativity, changed the written laws, combining exquisite couture garments with sportive elements – the reinvented sneakers – that from its classic materials kept only a thick rubber sole, printed with the Chanel famous logo, the double C. The attention to detail and the luxurious materials dedicated to a shoe with a very defined function – sport –   is what makes out of the Chanel sneakers an everyday accessory, able to match with the most sophisticated outfits.

We have 20 different combinations of materials and colours, as well as various models – tweed, velvet, laminate leather, cracked and iridescent in various associations dominated by black and pink, orange, black and gold, red and green, pink and silver…

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