10.Deep- “Internationally Known” Second Release

Love a bit of cultural influence, such nice colours and prints! Another blog for Trapped!

Trapped Magazine

New York based brand 10.Deep celebrate their international growth with their second installment of their Spring 2014 collection, ‘Internationally Known’. Through cultural symbolism and various global influences the label have managed to modernise athletic staples like football jerseys, shorts and hoodies, via a whole host of internationally inspired prints and colours. The newest collection, which features Rome Fortune, boasts vibrant florals, tapestry inspired earthy hues and colourful, Byzantine inspired brocade print. Other global influences come in the form of Abjad text, seen on the back of jersey tees, as well as a unique vintage map design, which is where the ‘Internationally Known’ concept began.The entire new 10.Deep offering is available online at http://10deep.com/.
Words: Katie Maloney
Words: Katie Maloney

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