If Chanel are doing it…

For a few weeks now I’ve been admiring how trainers look on other people, wishing I was both brave enough and edgy enough to pull off such a stylish, sporty twist on my otherwise feminine style. But today my fear of looking a little silly amongst the street style elite has miraculously subsided thanks to the jewel encrusted, couture trainers at Chanel. Now, I’m not usually one for sportswear, but these couture beauties have really persuaded me. Maybe it’s because they’re teamed with pretty pastel shades, white lace and jewels, but I think it’s pretty safe to say that once Karl Lagerfeld puts something on a Couture runway that is that wearable to the outside world, it won’t take long for the trend to catch on across the high street, too.

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Void X Warchild Collaboration

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void heart
We all hear about the social and political unrest in Syria and the devastating effects this has had upon innocent civilians, but how much do we really know about what is happening? Well, this very question was on the minds of the team at Streetwear brand Void, after a family member had to flee Syria and take refuge in the UK. The brand have therefore created a symbolic print, written in Arabic Calligraphy, that means ‘Knowledge Is Worth More Than Gold’, of which ten percent of profits go to the charity Warchild. The charity, who raise awareness of the children affected in Syria, are working with the brand in order to highlight such issues, whilst also raising money to make a change.
Check out their full collection online at http://www.thisisvoid.com/
void grud

Words by Katie Maloney

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Sentimental Style

Ever since Alexa Chung was pictured showing off her personalised locket from Loquet London it was clear that simple, keepsake jewellery was about to make a massive comeback.


But with these beauties costing up to £1000 (they’re filled with personal charms and birthstones) I think they are a little out of my price range. So, instead, I’ll be rocking this trend in true sentimental style- by wearing a locket given to me by my lovely grandmother!


Five Fashion Resolutions for 2014

I’m not really one for resolutions (as if posting about resolutions halfway through January didn’t suggest that already) because I know that I probably won’t stick to any of them.. A year is a long time to stop or start doing something without giving up I think! But, with this said, I’ve been thinking lately of fashion related things I want to start doing, and, yes, I may not do all of them, I may just like the idea of doing them, but I’ve made a list anyway and hopefully I’ll start doing a few of them, or at least try to (and that’s what matters, right?). So, here goes..

1. To buy from charity shops. I know there’s a challenge out there of only buying from charity shops for a whole year, and I wish I could commit fully to this but I just don’t think I can just yet. I am going to try harder to buy from them once in a while though; its cheaper than the high street, I’ll be donating to charity and I might even get lucky and find something vintage! There are some good finds, you just need to rummage.. I saw a pink satin ball gown in one window that could have passed for Lanvin (although it probably wasn’t).

2. To buy more vintage. High Street, I love you, but there’s no character to you anymore, you all copy each other and everyone’s wearing the same. Like I said, I love high street and I won’t stop wearing it but I think it would be nice to have some one off items in my wardrobe!

3. To keep on improving. I love fashion and I think my knowledge is really improving, but you can never know enough and every little extra piece of information can only help me grow in such a competitive industry.

4. To think before I buy. Do I really need to buy another jumper? Not really, no.. and Primark is the worst for convincing that I do need that jumper.. and that necklace.. and that pack of earrings.. Such a bargain? Well it all adds up, I need to control myself a little better!

5. To buy because I like/want something. The problem of being in fashion and doing so much research is that I see current trends in a magazine and think ‘Ooh, I better run out and buy something from every trend I’ve just read about’. Despite loving most trends it just doesn’t make sense to think ‘checks are in, I better get that check print blouse’. Style shouldn’t be a tick list, it should be a bit more original than that. This isn’t to say I’ll stop reading magazines, getting inspired and buying ‘on trend’ items altogether, but what is ‘on trend’ shouldn’t be the ultimate reason I buy something!

Streetwear and Logos

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obey logo front
The use of logos and branding for streetwear became massive in the 1990’s, when having a logo emblazoned across the front of a sweatshirt was an unmissable trend. Towards the end of the 1990’s the more high end designers, such as Louis Vuitton and Dior, also jumped on the bandwagon of over the top branding until gradually the trend subsided, but now the concept is back in force and is proving especially popular amongst many UK streetwear companies. This is due to the fact that wearing a particular logo is a move of self expression, giving off a clear statement of what each individual likes and allowing many designers to create pieces to match their brand and get it noticed. This popular trend is effortless street style at it’s best, with fashion and streetwear companies such as Thunder Apparel, UDI Creations and Obey (featured below) all producing their own original…

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PATTA Clothing

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patta lookbook_1_logo
Dutch brand PATTA first opened their doors in 2004 in the heart of Amsterdam and have arguably contributed to transforming the Dutch streetwear scene for both men and women, making a name for themselves across Europe as a whole. After realising their growing popularity overseas, PATTA opened a four day pop up shop in Covent Garden only a few months ago in October, giving London a glimpse into not only their AW13 collection, but also a collection exclusive to the UK that was emblazoned with ‘PATTA London’. If you missed this one off event, the complete PATTA collection is available online and can be shipped across Europe. So, if its bold, statement streetwear designs you’re looking for take a look on http://www.patta.nl/ where you’ll find unisex logo emblazoned tees, sweats and shirts in an array of colours and patterns.
patta grid
Words by Katie Maloney
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The Golden Globes: A Night of Couture and Custom Designs

Jennifer Lawrence in Dior Couture.
Cate Blanchett in Armani Privé Couture
Emma Watson in Dior Couture.
Jessica Chastain in a custom made Givenchy gown.
Kate Beckinsale in a Zuhair Murad Couture gown.
Emma Roberts in a custom made Lanvin gown.
Emilia Clarke’s strapless gown was custom-made by Proenza Schouler.
Lady Gaga wore a custom-made Perry Meek dress for the NBC Universal After Party.

Why we love: Unisex Sweaters

Gone are the days when it was only acceptable for a girl to throw on her boyfriend’s sweater for lazy days around the house, because now a girl can buy an oversized sweater all for herself, wearing it whenever she likes. Okay, so it doesn’t have to be ‘unisex’, you can buy oversized sweaters for women too, but streetwear brands like Kenzo, Patta and Boy London have all echoed that it’s okay for us women to throw on a sweatshirt and look cool; we can now achieve effortless street style by throwing on a sweatshirt (high street or designer) with a pair of rolled up boyfriend jeans and its acceptable. Women are buying sweaters from streetwear brands from the men’s department in order to pull off that casual streetwear vibe, but that obviously doesn’t mean you can’t add a feminine touch or two! Think clashing prints, statement necklaces, a pop of collar underneath or coordinate colours with one of this season’s must have skirt styles!