Note Apparel- Birmingham Born Streetwear

Great to see a brand with character! Another blog for Trapped Magazine 🙂

Trapped Magazine

note cap
Amongst a sea of streetwear retailers it is refreshing to find Note Apparel, a street wear company with substance and character. Influenced by the longevity of team logos, this Birmingham based brand has created The Note Apparel Emblem Collection as a way of introducing their brand’s personality and visual aesthetic to the masses. Expressing their emblem is of key importance to the brands creators, who see it as their duty to provide garments of high quality with simple monochromatic designs that can be easily worn by the modern man. There is nothing complex about this brand and their concepts, but the simple use of the same emblem as an expression of individuality on all of their high quality garments and an original variation of headwear makes them a popular choice amongst streetwear fans. We have chosen a few of our favourites from their online store
note grid
Words by Katie Maloney

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